The Black Larken X

Our patented, maximum comfort nursing + hands-free pumping bra.

Meet our best seller that has sold out 6 times! With a focus on premium comfort, the Larken X is an all-in-one nursing and hands-free pumping bra made with lightweight buttery smooth stretch fabric that adapts to your changing breast size.
Designed to make your life easier, the Larken X is wire-free with relaxed support and skips the weird holes, elastic, zippers or clips — making it the most comfortable, easy to use nursing and pumping bra you'll want to live in day and night.
· 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex.
· Machine washable & dryer friendly.
· Made in the USA + Dominican Republic.
· U.S. Patent No. 11,096,427

Our innovative, OEKO-TEX® certified fabric is silky softness that won't stick to your sensitive skin and functions just the way you need it to. With incredible stretch and recovery, it will adapt to your changing body. Even better, it's pilling resistant, moisture wicking and washer and dryer friendly because convenience is everything.

Thank You Larken!

“I have 3 Larken bras. I wear one every single day and every single night. I don't think I'd be able to successfully and joyfully pump without them. I'm not kidding - I love Larkens almost as much as my new baby. THANK YOU LARKEN!"

Anna W.

The Perfect Bra

"I can’t even express how excited I am to have found this bra! I said to my husband when I put it on “this is the first time I’ve been comfortable since the baby was born!” Perfect bra for sleeping when you have to nurse and pump in the night. Love love love it!"

Megan H.

A Lifesaver!

“I literally hate all other pumping bras. This one is a lifesaver. It’s comfortable and doesn’t giving me anxiety strapping on a tight/constricting contraption with clips and buckles and straps and BLEH. I would have 50 pairs of the Larken X if I could! Life saver!!!”

Lindsey S.

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To pump, simply make an X!

Step 1

Pull the outer layer of fabric down and the inner layer up.

Step 2

Position the flange between both layers, over the nipple.

Step 3

Repeat the first step, in reverse order, on the opposite side. Position the flange in the same manner.

Step 4

Ensure that no fabric is trapped between your skin and the flange. You’re ready to go!

to nurse

Simply pull both layers of fabric down (or up) for quick, easy access.

Step 1

Step 2

Customer Reviews

Based on 597 reviews
Kaitlyn L.
I wish has bought this sooner!

The most comfortable pumping bra out there. I can’t wait until they come back in stock.

Kristen R.
My favorite bra/great customer service

I ordered this bra in a medium and it was sadly too big! I reached out to Larken and they were able to replace it with a small. It fits perfectly, is incredibly comfortable and is easily my new favorite pumping bra. Wouldn’t hesitate to shop with them again!

Between sizes? Size down

Got a few medium but wish I ordered small, waiting for a restock

Sarah W.
favorite pumping/nursing bra

My new favorite bra to wear around the house for pumping or nursing!! So soft and comfortable. Plan to purchase more.

Brittni R.
Please take all my money

This is the most comfortable and functional pumping/nursing bra I own. I am large chested and my pump flanges do not stay in place with other pumping bras, this bra allows me to securely place the flanges so that I’m not stuck staying in one position while pumping.

My only complaint is that it is sold out in every other color in my size or else I’d buy them all.