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Hassle–free hands-free pumping

Our patent pending design is made without any awkward holes, irritating elastic, or zippers so you can actually wear it all day and pump hands-free without ever having to undress or change bras.


Next–level comfort

Say hello to your mom uniform staples. Lightweight, breathable and luxuriously soft, these essentials are so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them.


An easier way to nurse

You don't have time for high-maintenance clothes. We skipped the snaps and clips and opted for simple pull-down or pull up nursing access. Finally, a nursing bra that you'll actually want to live in.


123 Pump or Nurse

Larken X Nursing and Pumping Bra Instructions

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The Larken X


The Larken X.
The Larken X. The Larken X. The Larken X. The Larken X. The Larken X.
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