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People: 15 Breathable Underwear That Are Both Practical And Cute

Our High Rise Brief was included in People's 15 Breathable Underwear That Are Both Practical And Cute!

Babylist: What I Packed in My Hospital Bag

"It’s so soft, and the button-down front made nursing and skin-to-skin super easy."

Best Nursing Bras Named by Buzzfeed

Named one of the best bras for Nursing and Pumping

New York Magazine: The Best Gifts for New Moms, According to New Moms

The Larken X Bra was featured in The Best Gifts for New Moms, According to New Moms

Babylist's Most Comfortable Nursing Bras

Named Most Comfortable Nursing Bra of 2022.

Named One of the Best Hands-Free Pumping Bras to By Good Housekeeping

Named One of the Best Hands-Free Pumping Bras to Buy in 2022.

Larken Featured in Byrdie as One of the Best New Gifts for Moms

Named as one of the best new gifts for moms that she'll actually want and use postpartum.


Forbes vets the best bras for every trimester and names the Larken X as the best maternity bra for nursing and pumping that is comfy enough to start wearing now!


Babylist’s Gear Editor shares the inside scoop on her favorite under-the-radar baby products, including the Larken X!

Who What Wear

Who What Wear names Larken as one of the top nursing bras on the market! It’s perfect at any stage, especially against sensitive skin during the first few months with baby.

US Weekly

Larken’s nursing bra with moisture-wicking fabric should be at the top of mom’s Christmas list this year!

The Bump

Larken X is a pumping bra you can sleep in! The Bump agrees that our ultra-soft, moisture-wicking fabric will keep you comfortable all day and night and lists it as one of the best maternity and nursing bras.

Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy loves that with Larken, there is *zero* hardware to fumble with—a nursing bra with no underwire, no clips, no zippers or snaps or straps.


Nursing bras for busy moms should be machine washable, hands-free, and comfy. Larken checks every box!

The Every Mom

The Every Mom loves Larken for our stretchy fabric that adjusts to your changing breast size. Adjustable nursing bras are a must for any mom!

Well + Good

Well and Good loves the Larken X for nursing or as a hands free pumping bra!


A pumping bra without spillage!? Romper loves that Larken makes hands-free pumping easy with its X design that avoids any spillage.

Pregnancy & Newborn

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine loves Larken's all-in-one nursing and hands-free pumping bra that skips the harsh wiring and hardware.

New York

New York Magazine says Larken is the perfect hands-free pumping bra for the office mom! Comfy enough to wear all day- no wardrobe changes necessary!

Babycenter - Postpartum

Babycenter says the Larken nursing bra is the perfect mix of soft, silky, and nonrestrictive. It wicks away moisture from spilled milk and night sweats, and shifts into a hands-free pumping bra!


Yahoo appreciates that our Larken X is a nursing bra without elastic, snaps, zippers, or awkwardly-placed holes.

Red Tricycle

The list of new mom essentials is never ending- but we’re glad Larken X is at the top of Red Tricycle’s!

Gugu Guru

Guru Guru can’t recommend the Larken X enough! The Larken X is truly the most comfortable nursing bra on the market!

Mommy Bites

Mommy Bites says Larken is one of the best postpartum bras, and we agree! Our fabric’s maximum stretch and recovery adapts to your changing body.

Daily Mom

Daily Mom says Larken knocks nursing bras out of the park! In need of the most comfortable and supportive nursing bra? Look at the Larken X.