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Gugu Guru

Guru Guru can’t recommend the Larken X enough! The Larken X is truly the most comfortable nursing bra on the market!

Mommy Bites

Mommy Bites says Larken is one of the best postpartum bras, and we agree! Our fabric’s maximum stretch and recovery adapts to your changing body.

Daily Mom

Daily Mom says Larken knocks nursing bras out of the park! In need of the most comfortable and supportive nursing bra? Look at the Larken X.

Combo nursing/pumping bras are the best of both worlds. We’re honored to be featured by for our snap-free nursing bra design!


Babycenter shouts praise for Larken’s genius hands-free pumping bra design: criss-crossing fabric bands hold on pump flanges beautifully so you can pump both at once, hands-free.