Your breastfeeding journey begins even before your little one (or ones!) arrive and continues through weaning. For first-time moms, your body and your baby will open up a world of questions, concerns, and discoveries about the realities of nursing. However, even moms who've done it before are continually learning, because each pregnancy and each child are different. 

From advice on cradle hold versus football hold, to tips on the best nursing bras and breast pumping accessories, moms are always there to support each other. And that's our mission at Larken too. Whether your journey is just beginning or you're on baby #2, #3, or beyond, we're here to empower women and to make life just a little bit easier for the very important job of nourishing your little ones. 

Breastfeeding for new moms—and all moms

Being a nursing mother will undoubtedly change your life.

Being a nursing mother will undoubtedly change your life. While breastfeeding is an experience unique to each person, it's also a common thread among mothers who choose it. Every mom who has done it before has wisdom to share so that the next new mom can breathe a little easier knowing what to expect or how to navigate the hiccups—both the literal ones and the figurative ones along the way!

Because Larken was founded by breastfeeding moms, we are truly passionate about being a valuable resource. With that in mind, we put together a list of tips for nursing moms. Some of them you might have heard about but want to learn a little more—and some might even surprise you. Either way, we wish you a joyful journey!

    1. Your milk won't come in right away. Around mid-pregnancy, your body will start to produce colostrum, the earliest form of breastmilk. And for the first 2-5 days after baby arrives, you'll continue to produce it before transitioning to the lighter-colored, more abundant milk that will be your everyday norm. 
    2. Your baby will use you as a pacifier. There will be times when you know your baby isn't hungry, but they still want to suck. They do it for comfort, and it's up to you whether you're comfortable with this or if you'd rather supplement with a real pacifier. 
    3. Your breasts will leak. Before you give birth, make sure you have a big supply of breast pads. From nighttime between-feeding leaks to daytime oops, your breasts will be working around the clock. When wearing breast pads, you'll want a nursing bra with a great fit to help keep the pads from sliding around. 
    4. Your arms will get sore. To combat the muscle aches in not only your arms but also your neck and back, a nursing pillow is a huge help. There are a variety out there. Our favorite nursing pillow is designed to fit snugly around your waist. It won't move while you're feeding (but your baby will!); plus, it accommodates your belly at all sizes. 
    5. Your uterus will contract. Breastfeeding releases the hormone oxytocin, which directs the uterus to contract. In turn, nursing helps your uterus shrink back to its pre-pregnancy size more quickly than without breastfeeding.