We are constantly looking for ways to create a relaxing atmosphere among the craziness that is motherhood. This month, Larken co-founders, Katie and Maggie, rounded up some of their top picks to help them hopefully unwind more in 2023! 


I just finished Kendra Scott’s book ‘Born to Shine’ and really loved it. She is one of my founder idols, and I’m a huge fan of the brand. - K

My life right now is mostly work, kids, and sleep by 8:30. I hope to get back to more reading soon. Send me YOUR recs! - M


I have been obsessed with the Volcano Anthropologie Candles for years, but have also started exploring the Scentsational Candle line. They are made from beeswax and coconut wax with a natural wick, so I don’t have to worry about adding anything harmful to the air inside our home. - M

Lake & Skye’s 11 11 candle is currently in my cart to try! It’s giving all kind of relaxing vibes, and I love the meaning behind “11 11.” My oldest daughter, Layla, was also born on 11/11 so it feels extra special. 

Comfy Clothing

I spent the holidays cozied up in our Larken Cloudluxe Nightshirt and I’m bringing that comfort into the new year. The nightshirt is breathable, cool to the touch and luxuriously cozy which helps give me the sleep of my dreams! - K

Being pregnant, I am living in our Larken Signature Leggings. They are the most comfortable pants I own and can be worn seamlessly from work to lounging at home. Plus they are flattering and do not squish my bump at all (a pet peeve of mine)! - M

Bath Soaks

I have recently moved from bubble baths to bath salts for the ultimate stress relief. In particular, I have noticed a difference in my mood and body after soaking in salts with magnesium like the Ancient Minerals Bath Soaks. - M

I have the Milk + Honey Bath Soak No 08 on my list to try. The eucalyptus and lavender combo scent sounds so calming and a perfect way to wind down. I don’t have any spa days in my near future so trying to recreate that vibe at home! - K


This past year, I have been focusing on understanding what is in my control and what is not. I am a type A personality who likes to fix and guide everything I can. However, I am slowly learning that in life things arise that are completely unexpected and outside of our ability to fix or change. - M

I was talking to one of my best friends in the thick of postpartum, and she reminded me of a mantra I told her, “Bad moments don’t make bad days.” If we lose our patience, a diaper blowout happens, or whatever the frustrating moment is, we try to not let that ruin our day and let ourselves reset and start fresh. - K

What helps you find pockets of peace in your day? Share your recommendations with us on IG, @larken_shop