essentials by trimester

Congratulations and welcome to the beautiful, crazy & fierce world of motherhood! As a woman-owned maternity brand, our goal is to surround you with comfort, community, and support throughout your entire pregnancy and postpartum journey. As you venture into this season, here are a few of our essentials by trimester: 

first trimester essentials

Your first trimester will likely be filled with achy boobs, morning sickness, and oh-so-much excitement! As you dive into endless mommy blogs, books, and podcasts, here’s our essentials for the first trimester of pregnancy

Ultra-Comfortable Bra

Don’t let sore breasts catch you off guard. Prepare for their inevitable arrival by stocking up on stretchy, ultra-comfortable bras that will last throughout your pregnancy. The Larken X hands-free pumping and nursing bra is made with buttery smooth stretch fabric that adapts to changing breast size- great for prenatal and postpartum.

Hydration Multipliers

Hydration has never been more important! If you find yourself turning your nose up at a glass of water, we suggest trying a hydration multiplier like Liquid I.V. to enhance rapid absorption of water and other nutrients into your bloodstream. 

Pregnancy Journal

Document this exciting new phase of life with a guided pregnancy journal. The Hello Little Mama journal is a complete journal, diary, and planner in one designed to document your motherhood journey. We especially love their inclusive language and sweet quotes throughout. 

Morning Sickness Sweets

These mango ginger hard lozenges are 100% organic, with 3 simple ingredients to help provide nausea relief and digestive support. Plus, Pink Stork is 100% Women-Owned so you’re in good company. 

second trimester essentials

As your baby and your belly continue to grow, these products will be sure to ease a bit of your discomfort. 

Body Pillow

As your belly starts to expand around week 20 of your pregnancy, you may find it difficult to change positions during sleep. That’s when a body pillow will become your new BFF. U-shaped body pillows provide support for both your back and front, but take up more precious bed space. A C-shaped body pillow commands less bed space, but provides less support. 

Sleep Bra

On the topic of sleep, you’ll be living in your first trimester’s bra day and night. Go ahead and stock up on a few more colors… The Larken X works overtime as a great sleeping pregnancy bra and comes in four: grey, black, white, and sand. 

Body Butter

Whether you’re welcoming your stretch marks or trying to combat them, a lush, thick body butter will bring comfort and joy to your second trimester. Rock your bump and give your belly some daily TLC with 24 hour moisture courtesy of a buttery blend of shea butter, avocado oil, and Vitamin E. 

Tank Tops

Larken’s luxurious signature tank tops are made from an incredibly soft, stretchy and breathable MicroModal spandex blend, making it extraordinarily comfortable and perfect for layering with their hands-free pumping bra

third trimester essentials

As your due date approaches, take time to rest as your body prepares for the baby's arrival. 

Comfortable Underwear

Because, at this point, pants are overrated. This high rise brief will quickly become part of your third-trimester uniform. Made with a super stretchy, ultra-soft modal blend, these briefs sit high on your waist and sport a wide, non-elastic waistband that won’t pinch or dig. Slip a couple pairs into your hospital bag too- this C-section friendly underwear that also accommodates postpartum maxi pads is at the top of our hospital bag list!

A Luxe Pajama Set

Your body is doing amazing things so you deserve premium comfort. Silky soft and made with a signature MicroModal fabric, these maternity and postpartum pajamas are luxuriously cozy, breathable, and cooling to the touch. Goodbye night sweats! More of a nightshirt gal? Don’t worry, Larken has you covered with a pregnancy and postpartum sleep dress made with their same signature CloudLuxe fabric. 

Belly Support Band

This maternity support belt lifts your belly, supports your back, and stabilizes your pelvic area offering relief for your aches and (baby growing) pains. Bands like these also relieve pressure on your bladder and increase postural stability, which can weaken during your pregnancy as your center of gravity shifts. 

What products make the world of a difference in your pregnancy? Share your favorites with us over on our Instagram, @larken_shop.