For breastfeeding mothers, a good pumping bra is a must-have item. A pumping bra can save you time, allowing you to multitask while you pump milk for your little one. But not all pumping bras are created equal. You want to find one that is hands-free and comfortable that you can wear day and night. It’s really important to get the right fit including one that isn’t too compressive as that can cause clogged ducts or mastitis

In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about pumping bras and how to measure yourself to make sure you have the right size.

Types of Pumping Bras

There are pumping-only bras that are solely focused on pumping, so if you’re pumping and nursing your baby, you’ll have to take it off and then change into a nursing bra. This can be a huge hassle and headache for a new mom. This is why our Larken X, an all-in-one nursing and hands-free pumping bra is so great. Whether you’re pumping, nursing, or both, you can seamlessly transition throughout the day and night without having to change bras.

Material and Design

A pumping bra must provide comfort and support, and our Larken X bra does just that! It's wire-free with relaxed support, and doesn’t have holes, elastic, zippers, or clips — making it the most comfortable, easy-to-use nursing and pumping bra you'll want to stay in day and night.


A pumping and nursing bra should fit snugly to keep your breasts in the cups, but not too tight because this can disrupt your milk supply. Choose a bra that gives just the right amount of support without feeling constricted. Here’s how to find the right band and cup size with our measuring guide. Wrap a measuring tape around your back at band level to determine your band size in inches. Then, measure around the fullest part of your breasts to find your cup size. Subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement and refer to our handy conversion chart to find your ideal cup size. Now you’ve found your perfect fit! Check out our bra sizing chart here, and answers to frequently asked questions, along with a video on how to use the Larken X.

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