Get ready to show off your bump this Halloween with these amazing maternity costume ideas! Just because you're expecting doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the spooky fun. We’ve rounded up some ideas to help you choose your costume this year!

Sonogram Bump Painting

What’s better than seeing your sonogram? Having your sonogram painted on your bump for Halloween, so everyone can see it. This is such a unique costume and requires a great artist to capture the essence of the image.

Artwork on a pregnant woman's belly for Halloween

Wrap Your Bump Like a Present

What better present to get than the arrival of your new baby, so why not show it off by wrapping your bump like a present!

Cute pregnant Halloween costume ideas


There are many different styles of goddess costume ideas to choose from. For a pregnant goddess, a long dress with a beautiful headpiece is a great option. You will look and feel like the goddess you are!

Maternity Halloween costume ideas

Fairy Mom & Daughter

Fairy costumes are known for their glitter and sparkle. Add some magic with glitter eyeshadow, sparkly shoes, and wings. What’s even cuter? Your Halloween partner!

Maternity Halloween costume ideas

Show Your Due Date

Loading, loading, loading… Show how close you are to your due date by adding a loading text to your bump.

Maternity Halloween costume ideas

Pregnant Superhero

A pregnant superhero mom costume is a fun way to dress up your bump and is easy to put together. You can go with a shirt, jumpsuit, or dress⎯depending on your preference, and don’t forget to add the cape!

Superhero mom Halloween costume

Witch & Black Cat

How fun would it be wearing a matching costume to your little munchkin as well as highlight your baby bump?

Mom and daughter Halloween costume ideas

Whether you purchase your costume or want to design it yourself, you’re sure to find something for the fun day and put you and your bump on display! From a Bun in the Oven to a Magic 8 Ball to a Cat and Yarn costume, there’s many more DIY ideas here.