A common question new moms often have when they start breastfeeding is whether or not they can sleep in a nursing bra. With the constant feedings and round-the-clock care that comes with having a newborn, comfort and convenience are key. Learn more about the benefits of sleeping in a nursing bra while you're breastfeeding in this blog.

Benefits of wearing a nursing bra while you sleep:

Support and Comfort⎯One of the main reasons why some women choose to wear a nursing bra to sleep is for the added support and comfort it provides especially if you have sensitive breasts. The Larken X is designed so that it’s super comfortable because it has no clips, hardware of any kind or elastic. As an all-in-one nursing and pumping bra, this bra is a great choice because you can easily nurse or pump at night without having to change and don’t have to worry about fumbling with straps or clasps in the dark when your baby is hungry.

Leakage Protection⎯Another benefit of wearing a nursing bra to bed is that it can help protect your clothes and bedding from leaking breast milk.

Better Sleep⎯By providing comfort throughout the night, you could experience fewer interruptions due to discomfort or pain in your breasts. Getting longer stretches of sleep will help you feel more rested and rejuvenated, so wearing a comfortable nursing bra at night could be a good idea for moms.

How to Choose a Nursing Bra

If you do decide to wear a nursing bra to bed, be sure to choose one that fits well and provides adequate support without being too constricting. The Larken X is buttery soft and has the right amount of stretch and recovery, which is crucial to the design and functionality. Check out our size guide here.

Alternative To Sleeping In A Nursing Bras

Concerned about leaking breasts at night but don't want to wear a nursing bra? You can opt to wear The Signature Tank Top which has easy pull down nursing access and is made with luxuriously soft stretch fabric. This will be your new favorite tank top!

There is no right or wrong answer whether or not you should wear a nursing bra to sleep when you’re breastfeeding. It depends on what makes you feel comfortable and supported throughout the night. You can pair the Larken X with the CloudLuxe Pajama Set, the CloudLuxe Nightshirt, or High-Rise Briefs to feel extra comfortable all night!