Every mom and mom-to-be knows the importance of community during the journey to parenthood. That’s why we created the Larken Lineup – a group of women with serious expertise to help make complicated things a bit easier. From pro tips on nursing and pumping to labor and delivery, postpartum support, and mental health care, the Larken Lineup is here for you.

This new community resource from Larken is a milestone moment for founders, Katie + Maggie. In our most recent interview with them, they go into detail about the inspiration and goals behind the Larken Lineup and what it means to provide a community resource for all the new moms, soon-to-be and postpartum mamas out there.

How do you envision the Larken Lineup helping women feel “Larken Fierce” during their pregnancy and into motherhood? 

KATIE + MAGGIE:  We hope women feel confident and empowered at any stage in their motherhood journeys.  Between the two of us, we have 5 kids and we have second guessed ourselves constantly - not only as new moms but even the third time around.  Having trusted resources that we could go to for questions on all things mom life was incredibly valuable but not always the easiest to find. We are so thrilled to support our Larken moms and bring them helpful information and a community of experts and other moms they can go to with all their questions so they can feel confident during this journey.

Did your community and your support systems play a large role in your pregnancy journey? If so, what did that experience teach you about the importance of community for new mothers? 

KATIE + MAGGIE:  Community has continued to be everything for us as moms.  It was critical to our sanity starting from being pregnant, to now as mom of 2 and 3 ranging in age from 1 to 7.  Every day it feels like new questions and phases pop up whether they relate to our own journeys as moms or a new stage that one of our kids is going through.  These changes can be daunting at times and we were in need of advice, or frequently, were just looking for other moms going through similar journeys to confide in.  We have so many incredible mothers in our Larken community, and we all have had unique journeys, but in many ways, similar experiences.  We can help answer each other’s questions, listen to the challenges, and cheer one another on.

Throughout your own pregnancy journeys, what type of educational resources do you wish you had access to? 

KATIE + MAGGIE:  There are a ton of resources out there on all topics related to pregnancy and postpartum.  However, trying to sift through all of that and find answers to a variety of questions while also trusting the source can be overwhelming.  Our goal with the Lineup is to make that process easier so we can bring you the resources you need but in a really easy to find, easy to navigate way.

Similar to your bras, what type of functional support do you think the Larken Lineup will provide women with? What types of resources do you hope to offer? 

KATIE + MAGGIE:  We have searched high and low for the best experts on a wide range of topics covering things like fertility issues, delivery questions, breastfeeding struggles, sleep advice and more. Our Lineup are mothers and women who can provide insights and tips and answer our Larken moms’ burning questions that are popping up for them every day during pregnancy and postpartum.

How will Larken’s core values play out in the Larken Lineup? 

KATIE+ MAGGIE:  At our core, our mission is to bring moms comfort and make their lives easier.  We do that through not only our clothing, but also our community and content so that moms feel supported and empowered during what can be a beautiful but challenging time.  Our Larken Lineup is a key component of that mission by providing our moms the resources they need to feel supported.

Be sure to check out this new resource over on the Larken Lineup page!