The joy of giving birth is one of the most amazing experiences. For those that give birth via a cesarean section (C-section) your body might need a bit more TLC to help it heal and recover. From healing incision scars to dealing with post-operative pain, there are several changes to a woman’s body post-surgery. While you’re healing and recovering you want to feel comfortable in your clothes, but you also want to feel stylish and put together. In this post, we’re going to share some tips on what to wear after a C-section.


Leggings are perfect for post c-section recovery because they offer coverage and support for the incision site. Our High-Waisted Leggings are C-section friendly, and were made with the highest level of comfort, quality, and durability. The non-elastic waistband provides gentle support without being restrictive because they come above the incision scar and don’t have seams over it that can be irritating.

High-Rise Briefs

After your c-section, it’s important to take care of yourself and prioritize healing, so you won’t want anything rubbing against your scar. Wearing the right kind of underwear can make a huge difference in your recovery process, particularly after a C-section. Which is why our High-Rise Briefs are great to wear when you’re healing because they sit comfortably above your incision scar without any seams irritating you.

Maxi Dresses

One of the biggest advantages of maxi maternity dresses is their comfort. As you’re healing, a maxi dress is great because it allows your body to move without restriction. You can find many stylish maxi dresses and style them with our leggings!

Sweater Dresses

With the cold weather now here, a sweater dress may be something you’re looking for that’s comfortable and doesn’t affect your incision. Choosing the fabric is really important so you’re not uncomfortable so you may want to avoid sweaters that are too thick and can make you feel hot and sweaty considering the discomfort you may be feeling. Instead, opt for lightweight and stretchy knits that will fit you nicely without being too tight or form-fitting.


Look for jeans that are high-rise and made with stretchy material and ones that won’t put pressure on your incision. Also, try different styles and washes to find what suits you and your style best.

Tank Tops

With the right fit and fabric, tank tops are a great option to wear after a C-section. Our Signature Tank Tops are soft and luxurious, without any irritating snaps, zippers, clips or elastic so you don't have to worry about digging or pinching. These tank tops are great for layering, whether you’re lounging or out and about.

After a C-section you'll be tender and sore, so wearing the right clothes can help to make the recovery process smoother and less painful. In addition to choosing comfortable and supportive clothing, make sure to get plenty of rest and avoid anything that may put undue strain on your body. And congratulations on your new bundle of joy!