As moms, our self confidence and self love sets the tone for our future children on how they begin to view themselves. Our lives and our bodies take new forms after pregnancy, and sometimes feel unrecognizable. Coming to terms with these new changes and learning to love new scars is an uphill journey that strikes during a time where personal space and quiet  moments of reflection are at an all time low. 

Larken essentials are designed to adapt to your changing body and we want to remind you to love each of those changes and celebrate everything your amazing body is doing!

"We’ve gone through so much transformation in such little time- it’s been hard to process each change before we’re onto the next stage."  


To my postpartum body, 

I’m sorry for thinking of you as anything less than fierce and badass. I mean, look at what we’ve done, look at what we’ve created together in the past year alone! 

I owe you a few apologies. I’m sorry for the scrutiny I’ve put you under, for examining your stretch marks and trying to pressure you into pre-pregnancy clothes. I’m sorry I’ve succumbed to societal stress and demanded you to miraculously return to your prenatal form, both physically and mentally. 

I want to thank you. I thank you for your strength, your ability to heal, and the beautiful life you’ve helped me create. I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve carried me through. 

The same arms that embraced my first love, are now holding my first child. The same legs that carried me through middle school, will chase my future toddler. 

And while these parts of me will look different through the years, these changes tell a story- a story that will continue to evolve. 


A mother learning to love herself again