Whether you’re a full-on mommy blogger or just a Sunday scroller, it’s hard to resist sharing your child’s cute moments for all of our family and friends to see. 75% of parents share content about their children on social media. We do everything we can to protect our little babes, but how can we make sure they’re safe on our socials? 

Opinions on this are endless, but here are a few basics to keep in mind before posting pictures of your children on social media:

The Basics

Some moms opt not to share their child’s name, or face, on social media to limit the amount of public information there is on the internet about them. Covering their cuteness with an emoji is a quick fix, as is referring to them by a nickname or first initial. 

Personal Information

When snapping a picture, make sure there’s no personal information hiding in the image. Praising their recent report card may accidentally reveal what school your child attends, as can pictures at sporting events or first-day-of-school outfits. 

When in Doubt, Lights Out

80% of parents do not even know their social media “friends” and have never met them face to face. This can become a cause for concern in regards for your children’s privacy on social media. If you’re wanting to share the nitty gritty without worrying about whose eyes are on your content, set your account to private and selectively accept new follow requests. Want to keep your socials public? Some mamas opt to create a second, gated family account to share more of those daily details. 

Have a Conversation

If you’re sharing on social media, it may be time to have a conversation with your little one about social media safety for kids. Discuss family safe words, who is authorized to pick them up from school, and all the stranger danger basics. They should understand that while someone may know their name or recognize them from pictures, only trust certain predetermined adults. If you have older kiddos, make sure they know what is okay (and off-limits) for them to share on their own social accounts. 

What are your best practices for sharing your children on social media? Have you ever considered the dangers of posting children’s pictures on social media? Let’s chat over on our Instagram, @shop_larken.